Four Things You Might Like to Know Ahead of the Election

1. UKIP and the Greens will only get a handful of MPs

The insurgent parties get a lot of attention in the press and they will get a lot of votes. They will not, however, get many MPs.

UKIP will get between 1 and 5, the Greens 1 or 2. Love or loathe them, this will be deeply unfair given the number of ballots marked in their name (see table below).

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50p tax: plenty of emotion but not a lot of evidence

John Lewis Managing Director Andy Street recently claimed that it was a “proven fact”* that lowering the upper tax rate from 50% to 45% has increased tax revenues. It is not.

But before the left cheers and the right jeers, neither has the opposite been proven. Indeed, it would be difficult to “prove” any such thing. We can, however, at least look at the evidence but first some background

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